DC-DC Lighting LED Drivers


Product Line

The following is a list of products released in the last

Part NumberDescriptionShareDatasheetFree Sample
RT7331SSecond-Stage Primary-Side Regulation Dimmable LED Driver Controller Not available
RT7315AFlicker Filter for LED Lighting Not available
RT84201.2A, Hysteretic, High Brightness LED Driver with Internal Switch Not available
Technical Documents
TitleLast UpdateShareDownload
Power Solutions for LED Lighting Applications2018/11/22
Power Mangement Components for Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Applications2018/11/15
Automotive Product Selection Guide2018/11/15
Power IC Solutions for IoT/Portable/Wearable/Battery-Powered Applications2018/11/15
Richtek Wide Input Voltage Range DC/DC Power Solutions for Industrial, Automotive and LED lighting applications2018/11/01
Designing Applications with Lithium-Ion Batteries2018/10/30
LED Backlight System and Power Solutions2018/10/30
Minimizing Light Flicker in LED Lighting Applications2018/08/15
Analyzing VIN overstress in Power ICs2016/10/19
Evaluation Boards
TitleLast UpdateShareDownload
High Voltage High Current LED Driver Controller for Buck, Boost or Buck-Boost Topology2018/11/08
RT4532 Evaluation Board2018/11/08
RT8498 Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board2018/11/08