Wrenboard : General USB-I2C/GPIO/PWM Tool Kit



The Wrenboard is a USB to I2C/GPIO/PWM bridge board supports 3.3V and 1.8V VIO. It can be used with the Richtek Bridgeboard Control Panel included in Richtek Bridgeboard Utilities. Richtek Wrenboard with GUI is a powerful toolkit to assist you to control or debug ICs with I2C interface. Except for I2C interface, Wrenboard also supports GPIO and PWM function. The GPIO pin can be configured as GPIO, 1-wire protocol, or PWM function. In addition to GUI tool, you can also use Wrenboard SDK (Software Development Kit, C/C++/.Net) to develop your own application.

Main Feature
1. Firmware upgradable
2. SDK supports various programming languages (C/C++/VB. Net/ C#)
3. I2C interface supports 1.8V and 3.3 VIO (configurable)
4. I2C supports up to 1MHz operation (Fast Mode Plus)
5. 1 shared pin for GPIO, PWM and 1-wire protocol
6. Supports USB Type-A or USB Micro-B connector

Title Last Update Share Download
User Manual 2017/04/06
Richtek Bridgeboard Utilities 2019/08/22
Wrenboard SDK 2017/04/06
Latest Firmware 2020/08/21